Ashley Horner

Fitness Expert & Reebok Trainer

Ashley Horner
Ashley Horner is a fitness celebrity with a no-nonsense, “no mountain is too high” attitude. She is an entrepreneur, cross-over athlete, pro fitness competitor, ultra-runner, and triathlete. Ashley has a strong background in soccer, playing at a highly competitive level and with the Guam national soccer team. She has authored and sold over one million copies of her 14 training and nutrition programs, sold in eBook format.

On top of being a fitness icon and sponsored athlete, Ashley is a mother of three who is also deeply committed to giving back to her community, primarily through events that intertwine fitness and philanthropy. From rowing 300 miles for K-9 police units, running 280 miles to raise funds for a woman's shelter in North Carolina, and her current goal to fund an entire year of school at the Maison Fortune Orphanage in Haiti by running the country's border, Ashley is equal parts heart and hustle. 


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