‘Alter the Icons’ Encourages You to Write Your Own Version of Sneaker History

  • 19-FEB-2019

February 19, 2019 – “Pay homage, look at the old stuff. Then put your twist on it.” — Rejjie Snow
Remixing the past in order to imagine bold new possibilities for the future, Reebok Classic’s Alter the Icons SS19 collection encourages the wearer to write their own version of sneaker history—and define their own vision of what’s coming next.
To bring the spirit behind the collection to life, Reebok Classic partnered with a crew of cultural trailblazers whose talents span fashion, music, design and art. Despite the surface-level differences between their creative disciplines, the Alter the Icons collective is united behind a shared dream to create the future in their own image. The complete line-up includes:
  • Childish Major, Atlanta-based, Grammy-nominated rapper and producer
  • J.I.D, standout Atlanta rapper at the forefront of a new school of lyricists
  • Rejjie Snow, a rap artist, designer and painter born in Ireland with a limitless persona
  • Juno Song, triple-threat model-stylist-songwriter from London who was this season’s breakout
  • Tayla Parx, singer-songwriter with credits for the music industry’s biggest powerhouses
  • Amira & Kayla, 13-year-old twin sister DJs taking the international music circuit by storm
Featuring each member of the ATI collective, the campaign’s debut film showcases key locations and scenes from the collective’s diverse origin stories. From a recording studio in Atlanta to an unassuming East London café, theclip explores how taking a second look at your past can generate the inspiration you need to build a brand-new future.  
“Take the authenticity of what they’ve already created and reflect it on your own. Just create a whole new world.” —JID
The new Alter the Icons SS19 collection is available on Reebok.com, as well as in-store and online through the Foot Locker family of brands. The new collection features new iterations o the Classic Leather and Workout Plus silhouettes.