Reebok Unveils Keith Haring Collection

  • 12-OCT-2021


BOSTON, MASS. / OCTOBER 12, 2021 – Today, Reebok announces the Keith Haring Collection, bringing to life the art of Keith Haring through five different sneakers across the Classic Leather, Classic Leather Legacy AZ, Club C and Club C Legacy silhouettes.

Haring’s work is inextricably intertwined with 1980s street culture in New York—simultaneously the era when Reebok’s DNA was becoming deeply embedded in American culture. Haring consistently operated under a powerful personal statement, “The public has a right to art”—a mindset that has maintained relevancy throughout the evolution of street culture. With this collection, Reebok aspires to make Haring’s art, design, and mission even more accessible for consumers.

Inspired by the same bright energy found at a museum pop-up, Reebok’s Keith Haring Collection strikes the balance of being bold and colorful yet also clean and wearable. Each shoe directly references a unique work by Haring—from his subway blackboard chalk drawings to his infamous dancing figures—to further spread Haring’s message of peace and love.

  • Classic Leather Keith Haring (GZ1456, $90) – Featuring one of Haring’s most recognizable themes—a dog motif—the Classic Leather sports a black colorway and pays homage to his subway chalk drawings. The drawings came to life when he began using the city’s empty black spaces, which were originally meant for ads, as a new canvas.  
  • CL Legacy AZ Keith Haring (GZ1457, $90) – This model features a direct nod to Haring’s dancing figures—a theme that represents community and is meant to evoke joy, energy, and friendship. The shoe also pulls inspiration from his use of bold primary and secondary colors.
  • Club C Keith Haring (GZ1458, $80) – This reimagined Club C is inspired by Haring’s 292 Lafayette Street “Pop Shop,” featuring the same all-over print that his walls were covered in.
  • Club C Legacy Keith Haring (GZ1459, $100) – The Club C Legacy references Haring’s iconic three-eyed smiling face, which was created after he accidentally added too much space between two eyes. Crowds began to speculate that the additional eye was a spiritual notion; Haring simply went with it. 
  • GL6000 Keith Haring (GZ1560, $100) – This shoe is inspired by a piece found in the Keith Haring Foundation Archive. The dog form and human form each mimic each other to create a metaphorical contrast between what it means to be human (i.e players in society) and what dogs (i.e those in positions of power or authority) stand for.

Reebok’s Keith Haring Collection will be available on in unisex sizing beginning October 22.

About Keith Haring

Keith Haring was an iconic American artist famous for his pop and graffiti-inspired art. He was at the forefront of a movement to use fashion and product to connect his work to a wide, diverse global audience. For nearly 40 years, his instantly recognizable images have been used to spread his message of peace and love. His work can be seen in galleries, museums, books, magazines, documentaries, and brand collaborations worldwide.