Cardi B and her showstopping Nails star in new Reebok campaign

  • 16-JUL-2019

  • BOSTON, Mass.

The next chapter in the brand’s award-winning “Sport The Unexpected” story brings together Cardi’s iconic nail art and the classic Club C sneaker
BOSTON, Mass. – July 16, 2019 – Reebok’s “Sport The Unexpected” platform is getting an over-the-top style makeover courtesy of “Nails”, a new campaign launching worldwide featuring global superstar and Reebok brand partner Cardi B.

Heroing the campaign launch is “Nails,” a short film starring Cardi and a crew of beauty-shop regulars who embrace the surreal with Reebok’s Club C sneaker. The one-minute spot applies a thick coat of magical realism to a typical Cardi B beauty session, starting off “regular-degular” before growing into something truly captivating. It’s a creative concept that salutes Cardi’s own life experience, which saw her challenge expectations to become a self-made maven, and incorporates boundary-pushing nail art that has become an iconic feature of her style.

Cardi’s out-of-control claws might be the film’s most eye-catching look, but the heart of the “Nails” campaign lies in Cardi herself. An artist, mother, and Grammy Award winner, Cardi B is walking, talking, red-carpet-slaying proof that those who defy convention and challenge the status quo are the ones who truly define what it means to be classic.

Along with Cardi’s head-turning manicure, the “Nails” spot highlights the Reebok Classic Club C Vintage, a sneaker that’s had its own unexpected journey to becoming an icon. Originally launched in the ‘80s as a performance tennis shoe, the Club C has transcended its functional origins to become a standard of contemporary style.

“The “Sport the Unexpected” campaign celebrates bold, unapologetic risktakers who reshape culture – those who are anything but expected. We could not think of a better embodiment of that message than Cardi B,” said Inga Stenta, Senior Director, Reebok Global Marketing. “Working with Cardi on “Nails”, we aimed to create a moment that is authentic to Cardi while breaking convention and doing something more engaging than a typical celebrity cameo. We took a different path putting her in an everyday-type situation that shifts in an unexpected manner, by spotlighting the iconic Reebok Club C in a completely unique way.”

Created by Venables Bell & Partners, “Nails” is a fully-integrated global campaign across digital, social and traditional media platforms. Check out the campaign at and shop the Club C and Cardi B’s look now.