Cardi B vs. The 90s

  • 25-FEB-2019

February 25, 2019 – Reebok Classic and Cardi B bring it back to the ‘90s with an all new video, celebrating the iconic decade that brought us Queen Cardi herself. Repping the all-new burnt orange Aztrek sneaker, Cardi goes head-to-head with the 90s, a period that created the original heritage runner.
Known for her unapologetic attitude and defiant style, Cardi never hides who she is, and the new tongue in cheek video is no exception. Shot in the Bronx, her original stomping ground, Cardi delivers full fierceness as she breaks down some of the most nostalgic 90s trends.
From decoding 90s slang to dancing the macarena, Cardi brings a fresh perspective to the trailblazing decade. Check out Cardi VS. The ‘90s here:
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