Future vs. Hndrxx

  • 25-FEB-2019

February 25, 2019 – Reebok Classic brings you a double dose of rap royalty with the launch of an all new video fronted by Future and his alter ego, Hndrxx.
Known as distinct individual personas, Reebok Classic unites the two modern icons in a style split-screen to showcase how the Atzrek is THE sneaker for any creative trailblazer.
No matter if he’s Future or Hndrxx, the rapper’s bold ethos and daring energy never falters. Much like the Aztrek, Future has always sought a different path in life, choosing to express his dual-identity through music and distinct style. He says ”Hndrxx’s style is more over the top and unexpected.” While Future himself, on the other hand, is tougher and more direct with his style choices.
Unapologetically himself, the campaign celebrates Future’s disruptive yet authentic taste that challenges the status quo. Just like the revived ‘90s runner, Future’s style reflects his unique character and what it means to live true to himself. It’s clear that no matter who you are today, the Aztrek runner is the perfect sneaker the express your style, seamlessly mixing into different looks.
Check out the campaign and product imagery here and make sure you head over to Reebok.com to sneak a pair of Aztreks for $90.