Reebok Announces Partnership with A$AP Nast Following “Write Your Legacy” Campaign

  • 18-AUG-2020

  • Boston, Mass.

Boston, Mass. – August 18, 2020 – Today Reebok unveils its latest partnership with rapper and style icon A$AP Nast off the heels of his recently released track “Designer Boi.” This announcement is an extension of Reebok’s “Write Your Legacy” campaign which debuted last month in honor of the all-new Classic Leather Legacy. 

The “Write Your Legacy” program is engineered to inspire the next generation to write their own legacy. Reebok is excited to be able to work with A$AP Nast, a successful musician who is carving out his own path in both the music and fashion worlds. Over the course of his career, A$AP Nast has garnered support from the likes of Vogue, GQ, Hypebeast, The FADER, DAZED and countless others for his work in fashion and music. As the mission behind “Write Your Legacy” hits so close to home, A$AP Nast was innately drawn to the program and is collaborating with Reebok to create products that speak to this message. This future collaboration will include the brand’s newest icon – the Classic Leather Legacy – as well as the Classic Leather itself.

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