• 16-OCT-2014

Reebok Checklight Wins Fast Company Innovation By Design Award


Reebok has received further industry recognition for its groundbreaking sports activity impact indicator, CHECKLIGHT™, with a prestigious Fast Company Innovation By Design Award.

Over 1,500 companies submitted entries to this year’s awards, and CHECKLIGHT™ was selected as winner of the Health category.

Winners were announced at an awards ceremony held at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City on October 15.

The 2014 Innovation By Design Awards bestow honors on designers and businesses that have worked together to solve the problems of today and tomorrow, achieving outcomes that neither could do alone. The competition, now in its third year, includes 10 categories which are judged by a cross-section of established designers and design-minded executives. Entries are judged on their functionality, originality, beauty, sustainability, depth of user insight, cultural impact, and business impact—the key ingredients for any innovation.

Reebok CHECKLIGHT™ is designed for athletes of all ages and skill-levels.  The CHECKLIGHT™ skullcap is for use in all helmeted and non-helmeted contact sports and activities. CHECKLIGHT™ uses multiple motion sensors to provide actionable impact data to help assess an athlete before continuing to play.  An easy-to-read display of red and yellow lights indicate the level of impact.

The Reebok CHECKLIGHT™ is the first impact indicator that comfortably fits wearable electronics directly on the athlete, not on the athlete’s protective equipment.  Embedding flexible electronics into a closely fitting skullcap helps to accurately measure direct accelerations in real-time.

More than three years of lab and multi-sport field-testing with hundreds of athletes ranging from youth to professional, have served in the development and validation of Reebok CHECKLIGHT™, which utilizes the award-winning conformal electronics technology platform developed by Cambridge, MA electronics company MC10 to help ensure the product is comfortable and non-distracting to the athlete. During the creation of CHECKLIGHT™, Reebok has worked with head trauma experts in the medical and academic fields and professional athletes, including NFL quarterback Matt Hasselbeck.

The Reebok CHECKLIGHT™ is the first consumer electronics product launched at Reebok as part of an advanced research and development initiative to introduce wearable fitness technologies that will help people reach their fitness goals and stretch the limits of the fitness industry through technology.

CHECKLIGHT™ was also named an International CES Innovations 2014 Design and Engineering Awards Honoree, "Best Consumer Product" at the 2014 Wearable Conference and Expo London, and received a 2014 Red Dot Award for High Design Quality in the sports and fitness category.