• 28-DEC-2015

Spring/Summer Disrupt Training Line

The Disrupt apparel range celebrates the unique personality of every individual with disruptive prints to help reflect the mood of the athlete by offering two looks in one.

The collection features garments with distinct “happy accident” graphics designed to provide a different look for each piece by randomly placing together five CrossFit inspired prints, so no two products are the same.

The entire range boasts a reversible quality with opposite sides and styles. One side offers a calm and cool look with a single color, which can be reversed to reveal the bold and adventurous pattern allowing athletes to express their unique personalities.

The five graphics are:

Pig: Represents the paleo lifestyle that CrossFit athletes led with the bacon as the beloved paleo food

Bear: The star in the eye mixed with the bear is inspired by the California state flag, the birthplace of CrossFit

Hand drawn tattoo art (black and white section): Inspired by CrossFit phrases, this hand drawn tattoo art represents the motivational and inspirational community of CrossFit

Eagle/flags: “Americana” represents the overarching design direction this season around stars and stripes. The yellow and black section, the eagle, the large red dot pattern, the multi colored stars all represents heritage

Rip stop: The small 'textured square' section of the print, represents a common military fabric known for high abrasion resistance which was use to tie into CrossFit’s strength and durability, not only in our product line, but emotionally (faux print)